About Us

Our Vision is Improved Health Status for
All Residents of Baker, Union and Wallowa Counties

Who We Are –

Northeast Oregon Network (NEON) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit rural health collaborative of providers, agencies and community members from Union, Wallowa, and Baker Counties of Northeast Oregon. NEON has been in existence since 2004 and originally formed as an informal and mostly volunteer network until it was incorporated as a tax exempt nonprofit in April 2009. Our members represent the fields of primary care, health education and economic development.


NEON’s mission:  “To increase access to integrated health care by identifying health system gaps, facilitating community developed solutions and advocating for health policy change.”


NEON is focused on meeting the diverse health needs of our rural community

Why We Do What We Do –

Our region faces above-average poverty and unemployment, geographic isolation, and high rates of under and uninsurable. All of these factors combine to create a significant lack of access to necessary healthcare in our community. NEON seeks to provide a unified voice in order to represent our rural communities. In doing so we have been able to influence health policy formation, increase community based resources, and strengthen economic development.

We Strive To -

  • Increase access to health care in our community using outreach programs and health education.
  • Provide a voice for our community by influencing local, state and national rural health policy development.
  • Engage our local communities and stakeholders.