Community Health Workers

Community Health Workers


An important and fullfilling profession in the Healthcare field.


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Accessible health education and information available in different languages.


A Community Health Worker is a Certified
Healthcare Professional that provides:

1. Cultural mediation between communities and the health care and social service system.

2. Culturally-appropriate and accessible health education and information. 

3. Informal counseling and social support.

4. Advocacy for individual and community needs.

5. Direct Service.

6. Building of individual and community capacity.


Our Community Health Workers can help:

CHW Specialization

  • CHWs specialize in Family health care coordination, connection to and enrollment into a variety of health care options.
  • Community Health Workers are familiar with the communities they work with, as they seek to build and maintain trusting relationships with community members, local social service agencies and healthcare professionals.
  • CHW’s have a unique set of skills and they succeed in providing education, care and capacity building for individuals and communities. With healthcare reform efforts occurring at the federal, state, and local level, Community Health Workers are an important part of the concurrent changes.

CHW Roles

  • Listen to and communicate the needs of individuals in the community.
  • Share information through proven teaching techniques.
  • Network with and refer to healthcare providers and social services.
  • Understand specific health and wellness needs for individuals and the community as a whole.
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*NEON is collaborating with the Community Capacitation Center of Multnomah County to provide the training using a proven curriculum that has been approved by Portland State University for 800 level college credit.

Current CHW training participants will be eligible for state certification as Community Health Workers.

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Community Health Worker Brochure!

More information about the role of CHWs in your community.

How are Community Health Workers Funded?