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Living Well Classes

Living Well with Chronic Conditions is a Stanford Chronic Disease Self Management Model that:
• Helps individuals of all ages learn from trained volunteers to manage symptoms and medication.
• Work with their health care team.
• Set weekly goals.
• Problem-solve effectively for many specific difficulties that individuals with chronic conditions face.
• Teaches individuals to live well or care for someone with chronic conditions.

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 For upcoming classes in Union, Baker and Wallowa Counties,

or if you are interested in becoming a Living Well Class Leader,

please contact Holly Sorensen or Vixen Radford at 541.624-5101.


Living Well with Chronic Conditions classes offered through NEON are currently supported by a Pacific Source Foundation Grant.

Living Well with Chronic Conditions workshops offered in cooperation with Community Connections of Northeast Oregon.


FREE What to Do for Health Books and Classes

NEON is currently distributing FREE What to Do For Health books.  These books are part of an evidence based self health management curriculum, with materials developed by the National Head Start program to provide population-based, comprehensive health literate education on What To Do:

  • When Your Child is Heavy
  • For Senior Health
  • When Your Child Has Asthma
  • For Your Teen’s Health
  • For Healthy Teethwhat to do Eng
  • When Your Child Gets Sick
  • When You’re Having a Baby


In Eng and Span!


What to do Spn

NEON Currently offers support to partners training parents in various

“What to Do” series curriculum.

Training manuals will be provided to partners for classes. 


If you or someone you know would like a free book, please contact Vixen Radford at 541-398-2539 or Pepper McColgan at 541-398-1720.



Free What to Do for Health Books have been supported by federal and private grant funding.