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Health Insurance

Need help getting health insurance for you or your family? Have questions about the Oregon Health Plan? Click here to learn more or make an appointment with a member of our staff! 

Pathways Hub

NEON helps community members focus on their own health by integrating and supporting Community Health Workers at partner clinics throughout Eastern Oregon.


Our expert staff supports organizations and State and Federal agencies in the areas of grants management, facilitation, and community health assessments.

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Doctor and Patient
Training Program
Wellness At Work

Our expert staff specialize in providing training programs throughout the region and state with a focus on working with socioeconomically disadvantaged populations. Our program includes a state certified Community Health Worker training program and we offer continuing education opportunities.  With in-depth knowledge or our region and rural health care, we're here to help your community or organization tackle your most pressing needs. 

Working on the front lines of health care and behavioral health is exciting, fulfilling and gratifying. It can also be stressful and overwhelming. Long hours working with people who are struggling to stay healthy while dealing with lots of personal, economic, and social changes can really take its toll. Wellness at work is here to help front line professionals and the people who support them stay healthy and happy and stay in the workforce. 

Community Garden
Community Health

NEON collaborates with local and state Public Health partners to address social determinants of health and a variety of community concerns, with an emphasis on reaching underserved populations. Focus areas include COVID-19 vaccine outreach and access, commercial tobacco prevention, environmental Public Health and climate change, communicable disease prevention and emergency preparedness.

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